About Wairimu & Co. (W&Co.)


Our Story: Weaving together Specialist Policy Consulting with Law Firm Representation


Like the versatile African Fabric, W&Co. weaves together a legal platform that answers the call for specialist policy consulting together with sound legal advice and representation, in tandem with the future of investment in Africa.

We continuously work together with other experts in Kenya and internationally to fulfill the needs of legal research, policy development and legal representation in corporate, energy, extractives and trade matters in Kenya and Africa. 


Specialist Law & Policy Consulting

We believe that that Africa is the next frontier for investment in energy and natural resources, finance, technology and trade. We work hard to meet the specialist needs for legal policy makers and investors in Kenya and Eastern Africa in energy and natural resources (ENR), investment law, and trade. 


Competent law firm advice.


W&Co.provides legal services in: corporate and commercial law; project finance, public procurement and PPPs; regulatory and licensing compliance; mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures; employment and immigration law; intellectual property (trademarks, patents and copyrights) and technology; and dispute risk assessment and management advice.